Are you having trouble with unclear projects, without any direction?

Are you having trouble with unclear projects, without any direction?

We are not only here to help you manage your projects, but also to help your business grow.

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Getscope grows with you

We not only deliver a successful project, we also help your company grow with our project tool and consultancy.

This is what you can expect from us:

Project management tool

Start small, think big

From a simple to-do list till complete projectmanagement methods. Completely scalable.


Your own consultant

We help you better your current business processes.

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Discover what Getscope can do for you

Basic boards

Collaborate with your team and the customer in one convenient and manageable board. Place your work on it, assign tasks and you are completely ready to rock!


Are you ready for next-level collaboration? Use the extensive features. We’ve already prepared a board for you where you can see just how easy it is to switch from Kanban to Scrum or another method.

Gantt Chart

If you swear by using spreadsheets, it is also possible to make a Gantt Chart in Getscope. You can see everything clearly at a glance and there are smart features for collaborating with your customers and your team. The spreadsheets you are used to, but now with turbo power.


Scrum – closely related to Agile and Kanban. Whatever method you enjoy using, it can all be done in Getscope. We’ve already configured a Scrum environment for you so that you can sprint to the finish with a head start.

To Do lists

You don’t need an entire board for smaller tasks. Quickly create a to-do list so that everyone can see what is needed to be able to celebrate your next success in style.

Seemless integration with

Get your projectmanagement in order.

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